Brad Blazar

Formerly the CEO of a small oil company, Brad is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of raising capital. Having raised in excess of $2 Billion dollars, today he mentors others around the world as part of a global coaching business on how to raise funds from high net worth investors to build, buy, and scale a business - or fund a special project like real estate.
Additionally, he has closed the largest mega-million dollar transactions for multiple leading real estate companies - $9M, $7.5M, $5M for SmartStop Self Storage and national operator of self storage assets in addition to $11M for USAllianz
As a real estate investor himself, he has purchased, rehabbed and renovated dozens of properties and invests as co-GP or GP in multi-family today.
As the author of three books, his first book On The Wings of Eagles - Learn to Soar in Life quickly became a top rated #1 read for entrepreneurs on a major literary blog in the UK while his third book Winning at the Capital Game has been shipped all over the world. Additionally, Brad hosts the 2nd highest ranked podcast (Yahoo Finance / Yahoo News rated show) Beast Nation to help you cope with COVID-19.
Recently recognized for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur Sir Brad was knighted into the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen which recognizes the Principality of Cappadocia as its sovereign nation. This knighting is alongside other well known celebrity figures like Lady Toni Braxton, Sir Ray Charles, Jr., Lady Paula Abdul, Sir James Dentley and more....